The ‘Dullest Blog in the World’ is written by Dave Walker. Dave is a cartoonist living in Essex, UK.

The ‘Dullest Blog in the World’ was started in November 2002, when Dave was a youth worker, working at a church in Cookham, Berkshire. The blog became quite popular during 2003 – see this New York Times article: New York Times review (Thursday May 15, 2003). Other press reviews are below.


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Press reviews

New York Times, Thursday May 15, 2003. ‘And Here’s Where It Gets Uninteresting

‘How does Mr Walker come up with such reliably dull stuff week after week?’

The Times T2, 27 May 2003

‘Hollywood will soon be calling’

The Times – Caitlin Moran, April 28 2005

“The most popular one on the net’. (It wasn’t, but the sentiment was appreciated…)

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