My desk

My desk had a number of things on it. There were various items of stationery, including some paper. Some other objects were on the desk too, but nothing out of the ordinary.

20 Responses to “My desk”

  1. aviv says:

    (partying like it’s 1999)

  2. rs says:

    welcome back king ?

  3. waf says:

    welcome back! nearly 10 year for you to return!

  4. Brian says:


  5. Ehbram says:

    How amazing, I find out about this website 1 day after the man himself returns after nearly 10 years! A miracle!

  6. AnnoyingAva says:

    oh my god your back!

  7. nicenancy says:

    YOUR BACK?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??!

  8. Blue Jayla says:


  9. epIcSnIper says:

    did i ask

  10. elitehb says:


  11. idkwhattoget says:

    i cannot believe you have been walking for 11 years… how strong are you??

  12. hazerd says:

    wow king is back

  13. Rectos says:

    he is back

  14. Brandi says:

    Who are you

  15. RetronicsYT says:

    hes back

  16. Principal says:

    who is this with that stupid ahh comment

  17. MrRealPerson says:

    wow he returned

  18. Paul says:

    I just killed a mosquitoe while reading this.

  19. Lokesh Goyal says:

    You are simply amazing!! came to know about u in year 2008. lol

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