Looking at a wall

I was standing quite near to a wall. I turned my attention towards it for a few moments. Having done this for several seconds I turned away from it and carried on doing something else.

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  1. mynameisthis says:

    I once found a fish in my toilet. i flushed it away later

  2. Steve says:

    For the sake of variety, try looking at the floor.

  3. joshwa i rox says:

    after the floor, how about looking at the other walls? then, after having done that, you may then walk (using your legs,) and look out the window to your left. here, you will find an amazing place called the world.

  4. joshwa i rox says:

    (continuation of last comment)
    in this world, there will be so many things to look at that you will proptly faint. after you have awaken from yor slumber, you may then go stand next to the original wall of question and continue to stare at it, being amazed at its not-able to go through- qualities.


    I find it fun to pretend i have laser eyes, and i can melt down the evil walls that are amassing to kill us all. Be warned, evil walls are not good walls, because they are bad, bad is sort of like evil, and it is not good. Good is nice, bad is unnicce, do not be unnice, or evil, or bad.

  6. Sqott says:

    Was the “something else” moving to the center of the room in later blog?

  7. KEV says:

    I looked at the floor and wondered why the pictures were stuck to it ,,,,then it suddenly dawned on me i was standing on the wall ,silly me so then i got down and stood on the floor.The wall is pink and the carpet is pink ,i think i need a new carpet sp that doesn’t happen again.

  8. jacqueline says:

    i like looking at popcorn ceilings and letting my eyes go out of focus. then i start to see things in the texture. the other day i saw a smiling dragon. he told me his name was ralph. ralph nader.

  9. Trinity Handley says:

    I clicked on this blog. therefore i opened the site.

  10. kk kady the dull says:

    ive looked at a wall before i saw


  11. Natalie says:

    this post brought back good memories of looking at my bedroom wall yesterday, so thank you. i’m sure not many have experienced this.

  12. Steve says:

    You should post videos on this blog.

  13. NezumiNeko says:

    I can so relate!

  14. cameron says:

    i was sitting near a wall i stared and stared it looked at me odd i asked it “what are you looking” at and i turned to the voice of elvis aka”the wall” sorry but i think you look weird

  15. programmer1 says:

    Wow i thought i was the only one who did that, its nice to know that some people are also as experienced as me at staring at a wall

  16. ninja hippie says:

    i have counted the dots on a golf ball, the licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop and the hairs on my arm but i never imagined that i would be bored enough to stare at this computer screen this long let alone stare at my wall!!!!!!!!

  17. Lemon paste says:

    Well i need to in form you that walls are not evill nor the floors butt it iss the dooors. I warn you all to stayy away from those not verry nice doors butt the window shall save you. For more info find the window named Selwick. Selwick Menning. Thankyou and Heed my warnings! x

  18. JC says:

    sometimes I stare at my ceiling. that’s always fun

  19. Griffin says:

    I see. How intriguing that the wall did not fall over from your overpowering stare.

  20. Tracy B. says:

    My goodness. Same thing happened to me back in 2000-and-2.

  21. i often turn my attention to a wall

  22. no1uno says:

    I would try the door. Maybe it is not locked.

  23. Lego Lord says:

    I found a link. I clicked on it. I found comments. I read comments. I wrote a comment. I looked at a wall. I noticed the wall was green. I stared for a few moments. I looked away from the wall. I felt an itch on my nose. I scratched it. I felt better. I submitted my comment.

  24. flor says:

    staring at a wall with nothing going on in your head makes your brain cells die. whatever.
    i like this blog.

  25. Steve says:

    Seize the Day.

  26. lucy says:

    this is weird

  27. Red crow says:

    Did it have nice wallpaper?

  28. Carlos says:

    He was looking at the wall because he was taking a piss on it.

  29. angelic says:

    omg im addicted to the wall i love walls

  30. Hunter says:

    HEY YALL WAS UP i think this is stupid

  31. DSFA says:

    In a certain area of a certain city in Pennyslvania is an area of flat concrete, the kind of place used as a basketball court or similar, near to a school building. If you wait in this area on the 10th September, you will eventually be approached by two youths with an aggressive demeanor about them. The youths will challenge you to a fight, which you must accept. Following the brawl, return to your home. It is important that you tell your mother of this incident. She will become perturbed by your tale, and order you to leave for an area of Los Angeles. You will be compelled to obey her.

    At the nearest taxi rank, whistle for a cab and one will approach. You may see that its license plate reads “FRESH”, and there will be novelty dice dangling from the rear-view mirror. Do not be disturbed by the odor of the cab’s interior, and speak only the words “Yo home, to Bel Air” to the driver.

    When you arrive in Los Angeles, seemingly only seconds later, you must speak again to the driver, this time saying “Yo home, smell ya’ later”. DO NOT LOOK BACK AS THE TAXI LEAVES. You will be dropped off at the entrance to a large mansion. Approach the door and knock three times. If you follow these instructions exactly, you will become the star of a popular television sitcom. However, after 5 years, 8 months and 10 days have passed, your life will end in the most unimaginably hideous way.

  32. Gee says:

    Walls support roofs & ceilings. People who collect walls are called ‘Pebblersmen’ in Norse legends.

  33. Jesus the Frog says:

    I read this blog, then I decided to post something smart and witty. Suddenly, I changed my mind and decided to submit it blank.

  34. hi says:

    once i passed out looking at a light bulb it was shiny

  35. babblefish says:

    after reading this most uninteresting of blogs I attempted to stare at my wall in hope that some epiphany may appear to me. After some time (undisclosed) it appeared that all in all I was staring at just another brick in the wall.

  36. Trudi says:

    My cat stares at walls. He’s a deep thinker too.

  37. Tbone says:

    i tryed to look at my wall but a window is in the way

  38. Joao says:

    After reading this, I thought I might look at a wall here, but then I decided no to look.

  39. Stardust says:

    For how many seconds? What did you see?

  40. Upen says:

    this is the first time I am seein this blog… Hats off !! I was plannin on creating something similar, u beat me to it!

  41. Mijnland says:

    1987 I was standing quite near to THE WALL. I turned my attention towards it for a few moments. Having done this for several seconds and after having been stared at by that GDR soldier I turned away from it and walked back into West-Berlin.

  42. bcv says:

    WOW GREAT .. Its great feeling looking at wall very closely.

  43. niffniff says:


  44. skawt says:

    I like rock.

  45. Amy says:

    I didn’t lokk at a wall, but I stared at a telephone pole on my way home from school. I think I was hypnotized for a min and a half.

  46. LenZ says:

    Good to know there are people who also stare at walls…..they are just so…so…so facinating…magnificen…amazing….AWSOME

  47. asdf says:

    i once found myself staring at a wall. i had recently painted it and was watching it dry

  48. jk says:

    this is what we will be doing in a year or so when we build Trumps wall.

  49. Workingguyatwork says:

    Despite all that has been said here, I support your decision

  50. Lynna says:

    Next time stare at the wall eating a granola bar

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