Looking at a wall

I was standing quite near to a wall. I turned my attention towards it for a few moments. Having done this for several seconds I turned away from it and carried on doing something else.

60 Responses to “Looking at a wall”

  1. bob says:

    Walls, huh? Walls. Cream or green wall?

  2. [REDACTED] says:

    This blog is very exciting.

  3. Arno says:

    I’m not consciously looking at the wall in my living, but every time I have a cup of tea, my eyes slightly wave over it. I’m afraid one day these short moments all together will turn into years. and stop drinking tea doesn’t help.

  4. ItzPointless says:

    I am real. A human being. As accomplishing this, I decided to make tacos. Then I realized I live by a taco shop. So I ought this taco blanket. Then I realized I was hungry. RIP taco blanket.

  5. james daniels says:

    i love staring at walls

  6. jobless bob says:

    So thrilling! I cant wait for the movie: Looking At A Wall: The Movie by Dave Walker

  7. Wall starer says:

    This is my favorite hobby! I wonder why you only did it for a few seconds

  8. olol says:

    So cool love it super interesting

  9. Nuzzus says:

    This is exquisite, one of the best pieces of literature I have ever clapped eyes upon

  10. The person from the wall says:

    I really don’t like the fact you were staring at me, it made me feel very uncomfortable. Please stop, or have a chat with me and maybe we could have some tea.

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