Moving an item from one place to another

There was an object occupying a space on my table. Using my hand I picked up the item from its place. Having considered my options for a moment I placed the object on a different area of the table.

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  1. mynameisthis says:

    one day i went to my room, i moved my bed with my super strength. I am superman and u live in a cave.

  2. Robert Sprague, Jr. says:

    I once did the same thing. I noticed that when I placed the object on a different space on the table, the space that had previously been vacant was no longer vacant, and the space where the object had previously occupied was now vacant, in contrast to its prior condition.

  3. Steve says:

    Really, the item stayed in one place while everything else moved.

  4. my name isn't worthy enough for you Dave says:

    our evil ways iritate the almighty the same way the item iritated you but instead of throwing us into the pits of hell the almighty sets us on a different path, apath called forgivness.

    who taught you such powerful parables

  5. grammar teacher says:

    robert sprague jr.- your post should read as follows:

    ‘i noticed that when i moved an object to another area of the table, the formerly vacant area was now occupied and the formerly occupied area was now vacant. this created a contrast between it’s present and past conditions.’ it’s much smoother and easier to follow than your post- which rambles a bit.

    thank you


    If the item is something heavy, like a pencil, I recommend a using


    Well, dont exhaust yourself.

  8. Sqott says:

    Was the center leaf in or out of the table? Or does it not even have one?

  9. ksajdgvfuietyloeiyhjcg says:

    OH MY GOD! U can DO that?!!!!!!! OMG that’s a AMAZING!!!!!! wow…im gonna go try that now….just pure amazingness!!!!

  10. because i want to says:

    WHAT WAS THE OBJECT?!?!?!? it’s the question everyone wants you to answer, Dave. everyone wants to know

  11. Ky&&Lj says:

    I tried this before. It didn’t work.
    I moved the object…but it was in the exact same place…
    I am using my lab to try to figure this out.
    But its pretty hard considering I can’t move anything…

  12. Roborobert6 says:

    i once moved an object and it took away a vacant space i had for something else. It was a dark-poot-matter and i had to use both of my hands to move it.

  13. Robot says:

    This was the most intense post I have ever read… I was hanging on the edge of my seat as I read there was a decision to be made so quickly, as the object was in hand- I just couldn’t imagine where the item was going to be placed.

  14. ablemable says:

    I’m writing from the Ministry of Super Powers in Toledo, Ohio and I would like to inform use that allowing your powers to be abused in such an immoral manner necessitates that you return your license by mail. overland.

  15. Steve says:

    This wasn’t as gripping as the last one.

  16. Paul says:

    This was the most exciting part.

  17. billy says:

    fairly interesting, what is the mystery item. i will never be able to sleep at night again…

  18. littleman says:

    that’s deep man.

  19. Shier Butler Lewis says:

    really fasinating

  20. JC says:

    I wouldn’t have known what to do. I’m incredibly indecisive.
    Congrats on making a decision!

  21. reagan says: says:

    reading this I felt like I was watching one of those movies were people had to defuse bombs. You had me at the edge of my seat

  22. Tracy B. says:


  23. no1uno says:

    Put it back exactly as it was. It does not accept what you do to it.

  24. xSuperWaffl33z says:

    This is very interesting. It’s absolutely amazing how you can simply place an object in an un-occupied spot, thereby occupying it and un-occupying the space it was previously in or on. I wonder what that object was? I have tried this many times, with items such as pencils, phones, tissue boxes, remotes, and paper. It is a fascinating theory that should be tested by scientists someday and maybe will become nationwide.

  25. Mr Mister says:

    You know the other day i sat down.
    It was quite an exhilarating performance of leg muscles, inducing a rare feeling of, ‘I’m bored.’

  26. brandon says:

    i opened a box of cerial concidered eating it but didnt

  27. thomas says:


  28. junthit says:

    create a new entry please..

  29. hi says:

    once i moved a chicken from my garden into my cat

  30. Michael says:

    actually I know its quite hard to make a blog entry that dull it’s actually becomes fun… so, well done dude… keep on boring

  31. Finray says:

    Some grammar teacher you are – you don’t even capitlise your ‘I’s.

  32. Tbone says:

    i dont used my hand i used my feed

  33. bored says:

    ha ha wish i could come up with something i once moved my brother in the post unfortunately now i can’t find him… oops…

  34. Stardust says:

    You shouldn’t. The object and the table were a thing. Tsk.

  35. Student says:

    This blog created 6 years ago, and still alive, how come??

  36. Jimbob says:

    @ My name isn’t worthy enough for you Dave…. haha, now that was funny.
    I have tried to create sentences of pure meaning and no one gives a fart.
    Move a pen two inches to the left and look at it for a bit and there art thou revelation.

  37. plaza says:

    you should try lying down. even more comfortable.

  38. reverseie says:

    This blog appears to be duller than the original, ha a most ironic observation.

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  40. Maithili says:

    Greetings Mr. Walker,

    I was writing a scientific paper which dealt primarily with repositioning materials from point A to point B, and I found your blog to be of immense help.

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Workingguyatwork says:

    I think it was a bad choice…

  42. Freddie says:

    I am wondering how the item’s previously occupied area on the table dealt with the upsetting loss. If the table was smaller than the item then it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Thank you Dave for telling this story, for it was and is extremely exhilirating and raises much question about human nature. Just like the newly occupied area of the table, many people have reached new stages in life, signifying the table itself. I would like to know the means by which the object was moved, but i am inclined to believe that the object is just a metaphor for well, an object. Thank you

  43. John Walker says:

    I’ll admit, you’ve impressed me.

  44. Aisha says:

    It’s currently March 21st, 2020 and we have a world pandemic due to a new virus called COVID19 or the corona virus. Many stores are running out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer and any disinfectants. I’m worried for the future.

  45. Hello! says:

    Hahahahahaa why is dis so funny even do its so dull

  46. Edward Carter says:

    This was posted the day I was born

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