Going for a walk

I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point.

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  1. Aidan Nelson says:

    wow, how cool

  2. AJ says:

    Thanks. This was very helpful.

  3. sunny says:

    they never came back from the walk did they 😔💔

  4. rue says:

    we miss u

  5. Roel says:

    I found this blog so interesting.

  6. Footygamer says:

    Please keep writing!

  7. human says:

    This is crazy! Good work! Also, are you planning to return some time soon?

  8. Joe says:

    I once wanted to get out of my bed but I did not.

  9. Icy says:

    Wow, so interesting. #sarcasm #boring #idontcareaboutthis 😛

  10. UR BACK says:


  11. james daniels says:

    hello btw i have just joined the blog

  12. pritcle says:

    Damn, this is revolutionary!

  13. Rynn says:

    This just saved my life

  14. BIG BOY says:

    This is so confusing i don’t understand

  15. BIG BOY says:

    This is so confusing i don’t understand the plot can someone explain to me

  16. Anonymous says:

    Where would the world be without you?

  17. not bot says:

    Wonder if these comments are auto generated or its real ppl

  18. Voldemorts ex says:

    All of your blogs are describing my daily life. Dull it is NOT!

  19. five nights at fred says:

    It has been 9 years, it would be really funny if you made a return.

  20. Candice says:

    Hello i am from the future and if you are reading this, im inside your closet.

  21. That one person says:

    Does anyone even use dullestblog.com anymore???

  22. timmy boy says:

    Wow thats so cool!

  23. Bigger D says:


  24. aviv says:

    this blog post just popped in my feedly feed. i got excited as if meeting an old friend! i felt that i AM part of something that is BIGGER than me!
    i noticed this post is 7 years old. i realized i am NOT part of something. maybe i am not part of ANYTHING. back to work

  25. bear says:

    This was absolutely mind blowing. I cannot believe you were able to go outside and walk AWAY from your sweet cozy home. You must have been shivering back in 2013.


    THIS BLOG SAVED MY LIFEE :0 Hello my name Is Peppalappa Chuvosmoncuvosmanapa But you can call me Peppa. I was 20 seconds from dieing because of bordom but my rat friends saved me! :DDD they showed me this super intresting blog ! And it saved me anyway gotta go walk my grass bai! :DDD PS i like cheese

  27. sam.L says:

    Good job on the walk, how many calories did you burn?.

  28. Estella Stark says:

    Stark Industries approves of this blog.

  29. jimmy N. says:

    oh boy my mark is here

  30. Piotr says:

    Happend to me 1 time but I was drunk

  31. Lebron James says:


    In the seemingly simple statement, “I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point,” lies a profound narrative that speaks to the human experience of introspection, self-discovery, and the cyclical nature of life’s journey. This essay delves into the deeper meanings hidden within these few words, exploring themes of decision-making, exploration, and the realization that our journeys often bring us back to where we began.

    The Deliberate Decision-Making Process:
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    Setting Off into the Unknown:
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    The Journey of Self-Discovery:
    As the protagonist ventures forth, they encounter various experiences, encounters, and challenges along the way. This aspect of the narrative mirrors the process of self-discovery. The walk becomes an opportunity for introspection, allowing the individual to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and desires. The external journey intertwines with the internal journey, as the person gains insights into their true self, aspirations, and fears.

    Embracing the Cyclical Nature of Life:
    The final sentence, “Eventually I returned to my starting point,” presents a powerful realization: despite all the twists and turns we encounter on our journeys, we often find ourselves coming full circle. This cyclical nature of life reveals that, in our pursuit of growth and exploration, we inevitably confront the familiar aspects of our lives. However, the return to the starting point does not signify stagnation; rather, it symbolizes growth, as we return with newfound wisdom and self-awareness.


    In the deceptively simple statement, “I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point,” we discover profound themes of decision-making, exploration, self-discovery, and the cyclical nature of life. The journey of the individual becomes a mirror for the human experience as a whole. It reminds us that every choice we make, every step we take, and every experience we encounter contributes to our personal growth and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Embracing this journey of self-reflection allows us to find meaning and purpose in life, and it is through understanding our own journey that we can empathize with others and find our place in the larger tapestry of existence.

  32. Justine says:

    This was so inspiring. Maybe someday I, too, will decide to go on a walk, only to return to my starting point.

  33. Fifa.G (this is my name) says:

    THis is such an interesting blog 🙂

  34. Anonymous says:

    This saved my life, crying, thank you.

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