Standing in the middle of the room

I was standing at a central point in the room. The walls were all at approximately the same distance from me. I continued to stand there for a few moments.

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  1. Nievecitas says:

    It should feel oppressive! But at the same time a good feeling…

  2. thillo says:

    I once stood in the middle of a room. At least I thought I was until I saw it wasn’t the exact middle of the room. I definitely hope that one day I will stand in the middle of a room.

  3. Ernmoran says:

    Ah, walls equidistint from where you are standing in a room. Very soothing.

  4. bboy Ness says:

    I once walked in a room. For a few moments one wall was closer to me. Moments later another wall was close to me. Thats mabey because I kept walking.

  5. mynameisthis says:

    one day i was in my room. It is a square. i moved a Bed to get in the middle. I was happy when i got in the center point. Then I moved my bed back. Now I will be happy evermore. I am 57 and not married. I am in complete misoury.
    On my 58th birthday, i will move my bed back too stand in the middle

  6. Robert Sprague, Jr. says:

    Technically, unless the ceiling is exactly the same distance from the floor as your height, you couldn’t be standing in the exact center of the room, but somewhat underneath.

  7. Pete says:

    Robert makes a good point about standing somewhat underneath the exact center. Actually, the distance to the corners are a problem, too. It might be good to stand…well, maybe hang…in the middle of a spherical room.

  8. Patrick R. says:

    F*cking genius!!!
    On the floor laughing

  9. Brealan says:

    All of this is true but perhaps we should consider the inequality of our own bodies and wonder which part of our bodies shoud be in the exact center of the room. even so, it would be impossible to have all parts of our body equidistant from the walls in a room unless the room was shaped exactly as each of our bodies respectively. Are ther eeven people shaped rooms? and how woulld we levitate to the exact center?

  10. joshwa i rox says:

    wat an AMAZING experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i envy u

  11. Cesar says:

    If you cant tell if you’re in the middle of your room or not, that mean you got way too much money to blow.. Soon as I walk in my room Im in the middle of it.. But I aint bitter.. I make the best of a bad situation… I got a portable pocket sized 3 inch color tv, AND its hooked up to a Sega Genesis! All I need now is a bigger magnifying glass and prescription refill on epilepsy medication to reduce my gaming seizures : /

  12. my name isn't worthy enough for you Dave says:

    i also have meditated and pondered life like you did

  13. Somewhere a Broom is Sweeping says:

    I read all of Cesar’s comments.

  14. John Paul Barr says:

    I have no walls: only windows.

  15. the Deck says:

    this is awesome. too bad it ended. we want more of the Dull.

  16. George says:

    Well, atoms are scattered all around us……..We are mass….are we? Our five senses tell us we are in the center of the room……..our mass tells us otherwise……WE ARE THE WALLS, WE ARE THE WALLS…WE….ARE….THE …..WALLS

  17. I Like This Comment says:

    This comment is fascinating because he is talking about a room. I’m serious he really is.

  18. Lasia says:

    I do that sometimes…

  19. You wish says:

    i once stood in the center of my room and felt my life was complete.

  20. Anders says:

    i dont even have a center of my room…

  21. jacqueline says:

    when i do this, i feel like queen and prisoner of my castle, simultaneously.

  22. Wolfgang says:

    what a glorious moment in your life

  23. Patrick says:

    You should have stayed in the center longer. I personally get a kick out of that.

  24. Lizzle says:

    Dude, why wouldn’t you stand in the middle of the room. It’s fun to do!

  25. emily says:


  26. KEV says:

    Did i stand in the middle of the room or the centre ,i’m not sure ..i know i had my pencil with me ,my BLUE pencil ,i tell my pencil all my secrets ,ill never not have my pencil as my friend, because it knows too many of my secrets to let it be my enemy .

  27. Jen says:

    I have a good mind to get all the people who’ve commented up there and shut them up in a room, and then watch them fight to the death for the centre.

  28. Jackson says:


  29. Tim says:

    Were you dizzy?

  30. flamedemon1137 says:


  31. Monique Phoenix says:

    Do all of you know that square rooms actually have the most floor space, also known as “square footage?” Far more than rectangular rooms with the same perimeter measurements. Try doing the math.

  32. Skall says:

    Walls are the most revoluinary thing devised by man. They can be ugly or pretty. Your choice.

  33. Steve says:

    This blog satisfies any adrenaline junkie.

  34. Anonymous says:

    You have a room?! :O

  35. Roomstander dude says:

    I measured the distance from the walls and ceiling of the room then stood in the very centre and played chess agist Theodore Richard Bretland Cheviallier. It turned me on.

  36. The Uninteresting Wolf says:

    The room can either be square, rectangle, triangle, or something else uninteresting like that.

  37. Rebecca says:

    This is tripping me out.

  38. JC says:

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever done that.

  39. Pnut says:

    I wish too one day to also be able to stand in the middle of a room.

  40. Nicole says:

    If I could, I would.

  41. Reagan says:

    It must take alot of concentration to just stand there.

  42. blek says:

    way to go! standing in the middle of ur room? tat’s another achievement in ur life…

  43. Sienna says:

    ROOMSTANDING IS A ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE! Sometimes I turn off all the lights and stand in the middle of the room and talk to my self and hum tunes and put a little friend on my finger! *Hee* *Hee* *Hee* *Heh* *Heh* *BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!*

  44. amazed at this blog!!! says:

    Fully sick mate!!!
    That is seriously one awesome thing to do!!!
    No, I’m serious… that is sweet.
    After posting this I think I might go and do that and contemplate amazing things!
    Like why the wall has a spot on it… why is green a secondary colour when referring to pigments, but is a primary colour when referring to light?… why do they call it when it is an extremely helpful site…
    Like why contemplate the meaning of life (which is so plainly obvious) when you can contemplate the real wonders of life?
    This blog is seriously inspiring.
    It has changed the way I look at things!
    So, moral of the story is, come and join Krowdism, an amazing collection of goals to reach. Look it up… it’s gaining momentum!

  45. no1uno says:

    I stood in the middle of the room looking out the window…there was no window.

  46. Abal Qasim says:

    Which room is the best?

  47. ^.^ /!.!\ says:

    to stand in the center of a room is something everybody wants to do, and they dont know why…although the stand in the center that would be amazing…i once tried to stand in the middle of my room…i collapsed from the boredom…then i tried agian…samething happened…12 more times i did this and in the end i realised i wasn’t collapsing from boredom…the middle of my room was so dull i was dying from boredom so many times that it ended up being interisting…and yes…right now i am bored from reading this as i type it….

  48. what are you gonna do with my name Dave says:

    i dont think i ever stand in the middle of the room, because in my house there is no circle shaped room. is ur room circle shaped dave??

  49. tiki bonez says:

    fasinating subject

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