Going for a walk

I decided to go for a walk. I set off in my chosen direction. Eventually I returned to my starting point.

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  1. Aidan Nelson says:

    wow, how cool

  2. AJ says:

    Thanks. This was very helpful.

  3. sunny says:

    they never came back from the walk did they 😔💔

  4. rue says:

    we miss u

  5. Roel says:

    I found this blog so interesting.

  6. Footygamer says:

    Please keep writing!

  7. human says:

    This is crazy! Good work! Also, are you planning to return some time soon?

  8. Joe says:

    I once wanted to get out of my bed but I did not.

  9. Icy says:

    Wow, so interesting. #sarcasm #boring #idontcareaboutthis 😛

  10. UR BACK says:


  11. james daniels says:

    hello btw i have just joined the blog

  12. pritcle says:

    Damn, this is revolutionary!

  13. Rynn says:

    This just saved my life

  14. BIG BOY says:

    This is so confusing i don’t understand

  15. BIG BOY says:

    This is so confusing i don’t understand the plot can someone explain to me

  16. Anonymous says:

    Where would the world be without you?

  17. not bot says:

    Wonder if these comments are auto generated or its real ppl

  18. Voldemorts ex says:

    All of your blogs are describing my daily life. Dull it is NOT!

  19. five nights at fred says:

    It has been 9 years, it would be really funny if you made a return.

  20. Candice says:

    Hello i am from the future and if you are reading this, im inside your closet.

  21. That one person says:

    Does anyone even use dullestblog.com anymore???

  22. timmy boy says:

    Wow thats so cool!

  23. Bigger D says:


  24. aviv says:

    this blog post just popped in my feedly feed. i got excited as if meeting an old friend! i felt that i AM part of something that is BIGGER than me!
    i noticed this post is 7 years old. i realized i am NOT part of something. maybe i am not part of ANYTHING. back to work

  25. bear says:

    This was absolutely mind blowing. I cannot believe you were able to go outside and walk AWAY from your sweet cozy home. You must have been shivering back in 2013.


    THIS BLOG SAVED MY LIFEE :0 Hello my name Is Peppalappa Chuvosmoncuvosmanapa But you can call me Peppa. I was 20 seconds from dieing because of bordom but my rat friends saved me! :DDD they showed me this super intresting blog ! And it saved me anyway gotta go walk my grass bai! :DDD PS i like cheese

  27. sam.L says:

    Good job on the walk, how many calories did you burn?.

  28. Estella Stark says:

    Stark Industries approves of this blog.

  29. jimmy N. says:

    oh boy my mark is here

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