Standing in the middle of the room

I was standing at a central point in the room. The walls were all at approximately the same distance from me. I continued to stand there for a few moments.

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  1. David says:

    Its amazing to think that at any given time we all could be in a room or outside.

  2. Crisplion says:

    There are no windows in this house – there are only walls… …and vibrations.

  3. Lex DeNovo says:

    We need more to settle our hyper-stimulated lives. We beg you: more dull moments, if you please.

  4. I have an 8 inch cellphone.

  5. Peloff says:


    Yes, everyone, let’s try to suceed in standing in the exact middle of a room,even for just a moment,so that we might find hapiness. 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    I once wrote a blog, this wasn’t it.

  7. ~ says:

    Thinking over your choice of a central point in the room and if that implies your room has more than one central point.

  8. Gee says:

    Did you ever stop to consider whether it was in fact the WALLS which positioned themselves equidistant around YOU? Fate may not have played a part in this. It was pre-ordained. We are the stationary fixed points in our own universes, the world literally does revolve around each and every one of us. Discuss with the group.

  9. Bleh says:

    You’re like the center of the world!

  10. Rolando says:

    I once thought I’d been standing in the middle of a room until I finally realized I hadn’t been. Then I took a couple of baby steps forward and there I was: in the middle of a room.

  11. hi says:

    i stood in the middle of a room once cept i wuz like 2 feet off the floor

  12. I’m pretty sure this was an artwork back in the 70s possibly by Bruce Nauman. Quite exciting I’d say!

  13. May Sepikit says:

    I don’t have a room.

    Maybe I can be in a middle of somewhere which is not a room.

    I love my cats.

    They don’t have a room either.

  14. garry says:

    so it was a square room .

  15. Picklepie says:

    It would be extremely difficult and time consuming to find the exact center of a room, especially if that room did not happen to be a perfect square, which few rooms are. Therefore, this is not dull at all, but extremely intriguing, as a lot of time and preparation must have gone into this amazing feet. 🙂

  16. TBone says:

    my room is a ball…..were can i stand?

  17. disgruntled 17 year old girl says:

    walls are funny things..i find when i stand in the centre of a room its hard to focus on one wall. they all surround you so you just cant help but spin around and look carefully at each one individually. and then its very therapeutic when you do measurements to find the exact central spot. feel like you have achieved something yano

  18. Stardust says:

    You’d better rethink again next time. The UFOs like this formation.

  19. RG says:

    Am I in a room or have neatly put pieces of freshly made concrete managed to engulf me in a void of never-ending repentance and a madness of measures unheard?

  20. Will says:

    Well done! If I’d been in that situation I would have sat down.

  21. I HAVE AN EXITNG LIFE! HA! says:


  22. Inigo Montoyaa says:

    I felt that I had to point out that before I left this comment, there were 69 comments.

  23. coco says:

    I just found this blog and I am wetting myself laughing!! Thank you so much for the laugh. 😀

  24. why dont you make a new website called”The Mystical adventures

    (and news) of ”Dave Walker”

  25. Crawyz says:

    This is one of the most interesting and exciting blogs that I have read in a while. I would like to tell you to keep on writing these, as I’m sure that other people can also agree that these blogs make you fell better when you are sad. Please, write one about brushing your teeth, because that experience always confuses me, hopefully with your help and guidance I will learn.

  26. Hi says:

    I must point out you never mentioned the size of the room a smaller room would be so much easier to stand in the middle of. What color were the walls? What was the humidity of the room? Was it hot or cold? What was the ratio of oxygen particles to nitrogen particles? Exactly how many milliseconds were you standing in the centre of said room? What was the shape of the room?

    You must answer these questions or you will never be truly satisfied with the life you don’t have!

  27. hayley says:

    i was at a shop. i decided to buy something. i payed for it and left.

  28. Larxiny says:

    OMG! Th3 middl3 of the room is ALWAYS Aw3Som3!

  29. HappyBookworm says:

    Did you measure your room to make sure you were, in fact, in the center? Because it would be really neat if you did.

  30. Workingguyatwork says:

    Were the walls at approximately the same distance the whole time?

  31. Dull Pencil says:

    I stand in the middle of my room from time to time. Brings some excitement to my day.

  32. me says:

    I was wondering about where Alone by Halsey was on the hot 100. I went on billboard and found it was at #70

  33. Clarence the Fourth says:

    I find interesting that several of the known rules of the universe fail to encompass the complexities of walls and their locations.

  34. Zoe says:

    Haha, great stuff!

  35. Jonathan Mays says:

    This is funny made along time ago too its fun to discover things like this

  36. Kiwi says:

    This was such an intriguing story to post. It changed my outlook on life.

  37. Hi says:

    Makes sense tho

  38. Rbbid says:

    Very interesting, I will research it further

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