Sitting down

I was standing up. It occurred to me that a more comfortable posture would be preferable. I located a chair and sat down.

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  1. Was it a very interesting chair?

  2. Patty says:

    14 months is a long time to stand.

  3. Patty is right! Hope it was a computer chair so you will keep blogging.

  4. rain says:

    have you ever considered an ergonomic chair? i hear they’re all the rage (and quite undull)

  5. Tómas Árni says:

    When you have the spare time, you could read up on the benefits of standing. Research shows [cite…google, eh?] it is more healthier, albeit perhaps not as comfortable, in the short run..

  6. Why sit down when you can lie down?

  7. michella says:

    Could u please get if my chair? Go stand over there…

  8. fingerpuk says:

    I once sat down

  9. Sam says:

    I’m sitting down now too.

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  11. eden baylee says:

    standing’s good. sometimes sitting’s good too.

  12. Christine says:

    I considered for a moment following your excellent example, but then I realised that I was sitting on a chair already. Thanks for the inspiration anyway. Keep up the good work.

  13. Pedj says:

    I’m leaving you a comment

  14. Sarah says:


  15. Pygmalion says:

    oh a chair, how lucky.. i envy u man!

  16. Busybee says:

    Inspired by your blog I also located a chair and sat down.

  17. Chorister says:

    I thought this blog had died and gone away. Today I looked at the blog. I saw it had a new entry. I read it.

  18. rorschach says:

    you should try lying down. even more comfortable.

  19. Fat Bunny says:

    And it was the Least. Interesting. Chair. Ever.

  20. what kind of chair it is?

  21. Eric Davey says:

    I think standing is over-rated.

    PS. So bored, I await with disinterest your next entry.

  22. Jeff says:

    You had quite a day!

  23. Magnus says:

    I notice you have been sitting down before:

  24. J says:

    Are you sitting down still? I am.

  25. Jornigun says:

    Does this chair have wheels?

  26. this is absolutely banal. Congratulations!

  27. I sat down once. I’m sitting down now, but it’s not an extension of the time when I sat down back then. I got up between then and now and sat down again — more than once.

  28. fadzali says:

    You must have been so engrossed in straightening the doormat that you forgot to sit down.

  29. rossco says:

    what type of chair was it a apothoeke,dfs or a tin chair who doesnt love CHAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  30. The chair I geo-located was actually a large dog. When I sat down on it, the dog growled and moved away. I fell down on the floor.

  31. juhu says:

    need a new post! come on, bored waiting!

  32. cnibase says:

    Have’t been here for long time, still so boring~

  33. goodnessme says:

    I read it too. I’m new here.

  34. bazyliszka says:

    I located your blog. I found it very interesting. I would also locate a chair and sit down if I wasn’t sat already. I will come back and read your next post.

  35. Maithili says:

    Whoa! Dude! Slow down!

  36. Swapnil Kharwadkar says:

    I don’t want to get up from chair. Could I lie down on it?

  37. Cake_Lover says:

    This is just inspirational.

  38. sav says:

    Why were you standing up to begin with?

  39. sav says:

    Is it OK if I sit down while awaiting moderation?

  40. Sqott says:

    I finally understand your genius! I just sit down without giving it a second thought.

  41. Geoff says:

    I find chairs to be incompatible with my dorsal cutaneous appendage.

  42. Lars Karlsson says:

    I’m also sitting down. What a coincident. I feel we are connected (that is if you are still sitting down: after all your post was written 5 months ago, and you may have moved since then.)

    Image, there must be thousands of people sitting down right now. It really makes your head spin. Luckily I’m sitting down.

  43. Michael says:

    I can relate. I do this all the time.

  44. Joey says:

    I was sitting on a chair. I was ucomfortable. I sought a different chair that would satisfy my needs I found one. I then sat on it

  45. Stalker says:

    I hope you had a good sit.

  46. AC says:

    Finally! A new entry after more than a year!

  47. Dullard Joe says:

    My, you are such a dull person…yet interesting at the same time. Of course, maybe it is not you who is interesting, but your blog. Do you have to try hard to be dull or is it just something which comes natural? And yes, this is a fake email address I listed. I wouldn’t want to be exciting an give you a real one. You are not a college professor by any chance are you? I have known some really dull and boring ones. You might want to consider making your dull posts a little longer. Then you can really bore the daylights out of us readers. I had better quit writing, I am getting a little antsy with this boredom. By the way, Merry Christmas.

  48. gulamelaka77 says:

    I have sat down and I have stood up. Now it’s time to find a chair and i will then decide what to do with it.

  49. flip says:

    was it a very soft chair?

  50. Was it a more comfortable position, and if so would you consider reliving that experience again?

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