Opening a cupboard door

There was a cupboard in the corner of the room. I reached out my hand and gripped the door handle. I pulled the door towards me, thereby opening the cupboard.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I can relate to this post, as I did this once. Thank you.

  2. Nick says:

    Go steady now! You don’t want to go straining a muscle as things would get exciting!

  3. XXX says:

    what’s inside the cupboard?

  4. Re says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s experienced the opening of the cupboard door….thank you for sharing. Thank you.


    While you focus on the ‘opening’ I tend to exaggerate the closing.

  6. Winston says:

    So, this must mean that you were an arms length away from the cupboard? Me, too.

  7. Robert Sprague, Jr. says:

    One day, I bent down to pick something up from off the floor. When I stood up, I hit my head on the bottom of a cupboard door that had been left open. I’m okay though. I just hit my head.

  8. Natalie says:

    I did this once. I then closed it, and blinked my eyes because they were starting to water. What was inside the cupboard?

  9. Cesar says:

    Yeah.. This site is for the rich only as I can see.. Bunch of show offs with doors on their cupboards.. Since everybody got doors on their cupboards why not give me one? I swear yall just dont know how good ya got it.. Dont nobody have to ask me whats in my cupboard cause they can see right in it.. My friends come over and raid all my food.. And drink all my liquor.. I try to tell em I didnt go shopping yet, or I aint got no liquor, ya know.. Then all they do is glance at my pathetic doorless cupboard, and usually all I hear is “Oh yeah, well whats that?’.. And Im once again forced to share my goods.. Rich ppl have so much privacy.. Im so poor and exposed.. God help me…

  10. Steve says:

    Did you close it?

  11. my name isn't worthy enough for you Dave says:

    i was once shrouded by darkness and the evils of the world but the almighty reached out using presious eneergy and time to shed some light in the dark place i stood and took me to the light were i live life to its fullest

  12. I was starting to doze off at my desk at work. Then I found this link through another link. At first I perceived the page to be nothing more than random jumbled letters pieced together in block forms. I began to relax my focus and concentrate on the blocks. I slowly began to notice the cleverness taking shape before my eyes. These were words.

  13. Vastly Entertained says:

    Wow man, your life reminds me of Mission Impossible.

    “I pulled the door towards me, thereby opening the cupboard.” *cue themesong*

    You’d give Tom Cruise a run for his money any day.

  14. Cece says:

    Uh…….This is super dull, btw whats inside the cupboard?

  15. Somewhere a Broom is Sweeping says:

    I read another comment by Cesar.

  16. Guppy says:

    How interesting. I wonder, how did you get the idea to start this rubbish. Please, don’t stop blogging

  17. James says:


  18. Having a Chuckle says:


    I did this once. Quite a bit of work, if you ask me.

    (I love your blog. Thank you for creating this.)

  19. Paul says:

    Once, I opened my door and went outside. Drops of water were falling from above. I went back inside and picked up my umbrella. I then went back outside, and pressed a button on the umbrella. The umbrella popped up, thereby protecting me from the drops of water.

    Another time, i was inside my house. I started to feel that i was hungry. To solve this problem, i opened my cupboard [see: opening a cupboard door] and took out a loaf of bread. I took off the tag holding the bag with which the loaf was in closed. I then put the bag on a table.

    To be continued ..

  20. Chris says:

    I opened a cupboard once and there was a little indian guy inside. He was alive! I couldn’t believe it, there was an indian in the cupboard. It just like that book but I can’t remember what it’s called.

  21. jacqueline says:

    would opening up a cupboard door be considered exercise?

  22. Mike says:

    Are the hinges aligned?

  23. Wolfgang says:

    well seeing as i have never opened a cubard door before, i wouldnt know how it worked. Im sorry that i cant relate to you more.

  24. Steve says:

    Did you open a desk drawer, too?

  25. Anita and Fatima (but mostly Anita) says:

    Wow! What an exciting, memorable experiance! (sarcasm)

  26. alex says:

    Omg!!!!!!!! i did that today!!!! i almost pulled a muscle doing thou……… We have so much in common!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. shaun says:

    have you ever closed one before. i have. changed my life.

  28. scott says:

    Was there any associative squeeking?! Sometimes there is.

  29. minz says:

    yh…quick question – this cupboard…was it…u no…sqeeky?
    i have a sqeeky cupboard door and wow is it craaazy, u should get oil on that cupboard door

  30. malaysialtd says:

    woo ur above stand is really wonderful. some of my fren said the similar words to me the other time. I think I will consider it over and come back. Excellent post!

  31. Roborobert6 says:

    i once opened a cupboard, then i stared at the wall

  32. Roborobert6 says:


  33. Steve says:

    Are you self-taught?

  34. Re says:


    I too have closed one before. Midway through the process of closing the cupboard, my life started to improve drastically.

    Continue to do positive things, Shaun.

  35. Monique Phoenix says:

    I would oil my squeaky cupboard doors, but then I wouldn’t know when people were opening them, and potentially finding my hidden chocolate.

    This blog is so, so, existential!

  36. Maddinosaur says:

    Was there any food inside the cupboard? There used to be a TV show where the cupboard looked into another apartment.

    Are there safety measures to be taken?

  37. MUMMY says:


  38. programmer1 says:

    Be carefull now, you dont want to hurt yourself, so stop doing such extreme things!!!

  39. Random person leavind random stuff on a comment board. says:

    I once opened a cuboard. I took the same exact steps as you. But you have never done a blog on how to open a cupboad therefor it remains open.

  40. I have done this before. I have done this many times before. As a matter of an uninteresting fact, I have cherished the many times I’ve spent with opening my uninteresting cupboard. Does that mean the cupboard thinks I’m uninteresting too…? I doubt it… A cupboard that can talk? Then it would be interesting…

  41. JC says: thats how you open those things

    I’ve just learned something! Thank you!

  42. Kourtni says:

    Thank you so much for posting this blog! The other day I wanted to open my cupboard, but I couldn’t figure out how. Now I will never have this problem again. Thank you!! =]

  43. LaMeRx says:

    how many doors does the cupboard have? are they brown? are they made of wood or plastic? oh and which corner of the room was it in? the back or front?

  44. Lalala says:

    This made me chuckle.

  45. Reagan says:

    opening a cupboard door sooooooooooo brave there could have been poison. your a modern day James Bond

  46. Sienna says:

    What exactly was in the cupboard?

  47. Miley Cyrus says:

    I didn’t know that!!! Thanks for posting that!!

  48. Dan says:

    Hi, I just looked at a pile of various documents and junk mail sitting on a small table in my computer room. I had been meaning to organize the pile for a long time, but I haven’t done that yet. I look at the pile often, and it boggles my mind how I could ever go through all the papers trying to figure out which ones are important. I’m thinking about moving the pile into a closet nearby so I can’t see it anymore.

  49. captain rogers says:

    Can you give precise directions?? I still haven’t been able to open my cupboard and I need some help.

  50. no1uno says:

    I opened the cupboard door and the handle sat in my hand.

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