Opening a cupboard door

There was a cupboard in the corner of the room. I reached out my hand and gripped the door handle. I pulled the door towards me, thereby opening the cupboard.

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  1. Clayton says:

    Whats a cupboard door? Someone enlighten me please?

  2. lloyd says:

    when you were done, was it half closed or half open?

  3. Steve says:

    This entry has deeply changed my life. I’m no longer the money-driven workaholic I once was.

  4. Rhiannon says:

    I saw a cupboard once.

  5. quazark says:

    i have a cupboard too. i opened it once much to my surprise there was a glass in it. i found out that it was empty. i then saw that the cupboard door was open so i decided to close it. then with the door being closed it remined me that it could be opened. i decided to open it. there was a glass inside. it was empty so i filled it with water. i then noticed that the cupboard was empty so i put the glass back into the cupboard and closed the door. i was still thirsty. i could not find a glass anywhere so i didnt drink for many days. so i finally went back to the same cupboard and found a can of pop. i drank pop. i was not thirsty anymore.

  6. Citra says:

    O Master, commune with us some more…. Teach us the wisdoms of your vocabulary.

  7. Oli says:

    I like cupboards!

  8. Michael says:

    I opened the cupboard today and a gay midget came out.

  9. David says:

    This makes me think long and hard about the word C-U-P-B-O-A-R-D.
    I have a theory if you split it in to two words i.e. ‘CUP’ and ‘BOARD’ It will reveal a cupboards true meaning/use which has been lost over the years.

    From now on I will only use my cupboards to store cups and board!

  10. plumlover says:


  11. EL DUDE says:

    It seems just about anything with a handle can be opened… Funny

  12. Dan says:

    I thought I was the only one.

  13. Your Mum! says:

    What the hell his is so boring…LOL!

  14. Ryan says:

    you smell funny

  15. carly says:

    i open cupboards every day , sometimes i think about the unfortunet people that dont have any cupboards and it saddens me.

  16. amity says:

    the most exciting part of my day is opening the cupboard and choosing either loose leaf or bag tea for the day

  17. carly says:

    1 2 34 cupboards omg hosdit b…˚©∆ƒ”>

  18. carly says:

    1234 open up that cupboard door ……… come on u know u want to !!!!!! iloveyou so much

  19. carly says:

    my milk shake bringds the boys to the yard

  20. junthit says:

    i dont really know what you wanna talk about..

  21. Kyle says:

    sooooooooooo intresting i might just faint!!!!!!

  22. Angel says:

    Ummm why were you going to the cupboard for exactly?

  23. ~ says:

    Do you perhaps keep cups in your cupboard?

  24. Steve says:

    Have you sold the movie rights?

  25. Jim says:

    i hope you still remember how to do it. you never know when it can come handy.

  26. Karma says:

    When I opened my cupboard, the knob fell off.
    The knob was securely attached 9 years ago.
    I fixed it with a screwdriver.

  27. hi says:

    i saw a guy open a cupboard door once then it hit me in my face

  28. mr conformist says:

    in response to karma:
    did you use the phillip + screws or did you use the -? ones? I think that it is easier to use the + ones with a drill and use the – ones with a hand tool.

    very inter rested to know what you did.

  29. Emma says:

    why is there a door handle on the cupboard?

  30. bananasarered says:

    well i think that i am going to jump into my cupboard and run away

  31. May Sepikit says:

    Is it true what they say?

    Ah.. I bet it’s true.


    It’s a boarding place for cups.

    If it doesn’t have a door, would it still be a cupboard?

  32. garry says:

    I always wondered why frisbees appeared larger when they got near then it hit me .

  33. Stardust says:

    You didn’t mention if your cupboard made a sound.

    If it did, I recommend oil.

  34. FrankieFilm says:

    как же все-таки не хватает врмени даже на то чтобы прочитать что-то интересное((

  35. ram says:

    actually a cupboard is a place u board up your cups any other use is very questionable

  36. Tanya says:

    is it still open?

  37. lam says:

    should all cupboard made of wood or plastic?

  38. scarylizard says:

    what sortsa handle was on the cupboard???

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  40. Erica says:

    I got this website on the pointless web

  41. ButtonMasher Gamer says:


  42. pinecone says:

    i think cupboards are the reason were all here and so you all invited to my b party at 1470 pine street at the left acorn next to pickles acornium of vegtables.

  43. Josh Mark says:

    I have a stunning experience with a cupboard that i have an urge to share. I once walked into my kitchen and noticed a slight glimpse from a shiny object coming from the corner of my eye. I walked in the direction of the object for i had such an intrest to observe it. As I approached, I recognized the object as a handle. I was begining to get curious, so I decided to look at what the handle was attached to. It was attached to a small door on a cupboard. the door was aproximately a quarter way open so i took a look at the contents of a cupboard. It was seemingly so that there was a ceramic mug. I did not currently have a use for the mug, so i completely shut the cupboard door and walked to the entrance of the kitchen.

  44. Lumpkinella says:

    I have the most important enquiry that may change the entire scene and look on this post. What colour and type was that cupboard? And as you finished your enlightening adventure, at what angle was the cupboard? This is becoming rather exciting, I must stop now; thank you for your time.

  45. Workingguyatwork says:

    When you tell the story I feel like I’m there, seeing you opening the cupboard.

  46. Wait you mean my name was supposed to go here?? says:

    Quite the gripping addition to your blog. I rather enjoyed it.

  47. says:

    This is such an interesting and relatable story. I do this so much!

  48. Arno says:

    I think all cupboards are boring, but some cupboards are more boring than others. They only get a little interesting when you open them.

  49. Lily says:

    Is the cupboard open do u put cups in an open cupboard put a cup in a cupboard it makes sense. Also y does it have a door handle I fell the saddened that someone was so stupid the put a full size door handle on a mini door it’s disgraceful

  50. Edelbrockgda says:

    handwritten by the author.

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