Closing a window

A window was slightly open. I decided that I did not need it to continue to be so. I closed it and securing it using the window handles.

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  1. mjkl says:

    You have to be absolutely sure that it is secure.

  2. A person says:

    “I closed it and securing it using the window handles.”

    There’s something odd about this sentence, it doesn’t sound right. I think it’s supposed to be:

    “I closed it and secured it using the window handles.”

    By mixing the past tense with the present tense in the same sentence, I fear that some rule of grammar may have been broken. Perhaps this is important but I will also consider the possibility that it is unimportant.

  3. caro says:

    In the summer i leave one window open, in the winter i leave it closed unless there is condensation on the glass.

  4. fingerpuk says:

    I’m trying to open some windows now, they wont open. So they remain closed.

  5. Rich says:

    I hope you didn’t catch a cold in the draft.

  6. joan says:

    Change “and secured to” to “, securing”. If you’re going to be dull, at least be grammatical.

  7. Georgia says:

    One day I will shut my windows. I am too busy being boring to do so.

  8. Annie says:

    *Face Palm*

  9. Jake says:

    Open windows do not bother me. I in fact find them quite pleasant.

  10. Stev says:

    Since this is a technical web site I have threee problums.

    The first problum: I followed your instructions on closing and securing a window, however a hacker from North Korea hacked into my house and had stolen my Gram Cracker’s how do I prevent this? I do like my Gram Cracker’s and now I don’t have any.

    The second problem: I have another window that is slightly open and I van not close it. Since the house is over 150 years old and the window was installed when the house was built the window was built by a craftsman and I can not find a manual for the window on Google, could any of you give me the name and email address of the craftsmen who built it so I can learn how to close it? I don’t want my Gram Cracker’s stolen again.

    The third problem: windows just sits there doing nothing, I have stared at it for several weeks now and nothing on the screen has changed, should I toss the computer onto a freight train to get windows going again? If you can help me I will give you a Gram Cracker.

    Thank You in advance for your help.

  11. You says:

    This story was so intense, I was on the edge of me seat and exited for the next word.

  12. Jack Shorebird says:

    I think “Monty Python” when I read your blogs.

  13. Harambe (from the past) says:

    I don’t have windows because my cage only has bars……………………its cold………………………………help…………………

  14. Sparky says:

    I was looking at a dull comment on ‘The Dullest Blog In The World.’ When it occurred to me, that this dull comment was grammatically incorrect. So I proceeded to write an equally dull comment about the dull, grammatically incorrect comment about ‘closing a window.’

  15. POTATO says:

    The window is now closed. I hope that you do not get too cold with the window closed.

  16. CJ says:

    This is very helpful. However, there is no info on how to reopen the window. May you please explain?

  17. can not name says:

    oh wow! this is amazing such deep meaning behind it. the window is his acceptance to the house being him and by closing that window he is closing out all the hate to be who he wishes to be!!! this is amazing.

  18. Dafdddd says:

    You got it buddy! Keep on shutting that window until ur blue in de face!

  19. Dull Pencil says:

    My window is sadly incapable of opening. Such a sad world in which I live.

  20. Arno says:

    If you can’t decide to open or close a window – with or without window handles – you might replace it with a brick wall or a concrete wall instead. You decide.

  21. young comment says:

    this is the youngest comment 🙂

  22. suasen karen says:

    I think this is amazing for the planet. Thx for the good work<3 keep it up! luv from the win corner

  23. michael says:

    be sure the wi-fi didn’t leak out when you had the window open.

  24. Dodo says:

    I decided to close a window to, it was stuck open so I decided not to.

  25. Zaad says:

    Always secure your windows. It might make your life interesting if they were open

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