Closing a window

A window was slightly open. I decided that I did not need it to continue to be so. I closed it and securing it using the window handles.

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  1. TFT says:

    that was me, i left it open slightly so i could sneak in the night later

  2. Mary says:

    As if I can explain why this intrigues me.
    Please continue soon.

  3. Chin Yong says:

    Close a window with CTRL+W

  4. karlaanne says:

    holy crap! you started updating again??? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. RaulJones says:

    Lucky you, getting windows to open and close without getting the Blue Screen of Death.

  6. Carl says:

    My friend writes a very similar blog, But not on purpose.

  7. Dave says:

    I’m currently in a similar situation, window is open slightly just as you described. I’ve tried to close it by pushing it down, but can not reach it from where I am sitting. I’ve made multiple attempts with no luck. Is there any way you could post a video, or maybe detailed instructions? Do you know the make/model of the window itself? I have got to get this problem fixed asap, it is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance!

  8. FrankenFuss says:

    I had to look up at the URL to make sure this wasn’t Twitter!

  9. winn says:

    what’s a window again?

  10. Alexis says:

    You’ve changed my life!

  11. Crippen says:


  12. Abyssal Gigantism says:

    When I moved into my rented house, I was really looking forward to opening the windows at some point during my stay there, but then the property manager told me that they were all painted shut. So, I really kinda envy you.

  13. potato222 says:

    I was just referred to this site by someone and I’ve been reading a lot of your posts. I can’t tell you how many of the things that you have done that I have also done myself. It’s uncanny. I hope you continue to post. How is that window? Have you used it since?

  14. Tom Riley says:

    Actually, that’s a massive turn-on.

  15. tom says:

    sometimes I open the window.
    sometimes I leave them closed.
    I have more than one window.

  16. it’s good that you closed that window. will you reopen it?

  17. MASE says:

    I have curtains that will sometimes move when a window is open. I believe it to be wind.

  18. lillian says:

    Did you use your right hand to close the window?

  19. Adino says:

    I have a window too. Mine has a curtain. I opened and closed the curtain. You know, to test if it still works.

  20. Jo A. T.B. says:

    Can you teach me how to do that!

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  22. hans says:

    that’s way too exciting!

  23. mark says:

    i wish i had window….

  24. Richard Karpel says:

    I saw that the name of the author of this blog is Dave Walker. I wondered if it’s the Dave Walker I know. Then I went back to work.

  25. Soon, I will place the arrow over the “Submit Comment” area on the computer screen, and maneuver my fingers in such a way as to engage the submission function.

  26. Erik says:

    How is this dull?

  27. AJ says:

    Securing windows is a good thing at times. Especially if you are not wanting to have your neighborhood burglars gain easy access to the valuables in your house. I like windows with secure devices for those times when they are a good idea.

  28. Bullseye says:

    I typed guns, babes and booze into your search window and nothing came up. This obviously IS the dullest blog in the world.

  29. You have obviously tapped into the Max Headroom.

  30. Saleem says:

    I have a friend named Omar Rana

  31. carpediem says:

    Fiona Apple wrote a song about a window

    She broke the window though, it was in her way.

  32. My window won`t close..why?

  33. Jacob says:

    your website rocks but it’s uhhh kinda weird (in a good way)… it’s amazing how by reading the comments the entertainment qiuntiples (i know i speeld it wrong XP) so …yeah SAVE THE EARTH 🙂

  34. arit says:

    I just realized I have been thinking for several minutes now on what to say about this. But nothing, really nothing, comes to my mind. This can’t be too important, so I think you all must know.

  35. Jkar says:

    Good for you, closing that window. I have a problem with my windows, it freezes, and I have restart it, so as to be able to use it again. Maybe getting a linux would be a good idea.

  36. hi says:

    my window is jammed it wont close now bugs are getting in and ivy

  37. Marco says:

    Does anyone know how to close a window on my computer?

  38. mr conformist says:

    Is this about microsoft windows? if so… I can’t get my windows to open all of the time. I went to a site that told me to try the control panel and I tried it. Then I also have trouble closing the windows when I have a lot of them open. Sometimes they open on their own. can anyone please help? thank you, I didn’t read all of the comments because there are so many.

  39. fickie says:

    man this blog is more interesting than penny arcade comic strips

  40. Sameer says:

    Saw my doormat was too good to be used as a doormat so now its a wall carpet

  41. Darreb says:

    Almost as good as David Lynch’s daily weather report. But not quite.

  42. Passerby! says:

    Blog made of epic win, awesome stuff.

  43. Marc says:

    The blog exists till 2003? Oh my god!

  44. badpoet says:

    At least you have a window.

  45. troll247 says:

    no worries … this blog will close and re-open … the new name will be “I can win dose”

  46. dully says:

    dull blog is dull

  47. kalaxitz says:

    almost open windows should be outlawed! They are a disturbance and a nuisance! post this comment if you agree

  48. Seth W says:

    Hilarious blog!

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