Tidying some pencils

Some pencils were scattered around on my desk. I picked them up one by one. I placed the pencils in the drawer which I use to store pencils.

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  1. McGehee says:

    I never get tired of reading this post.

  2. Alex says:

    I found this blog today. I read all the entries and then I closed the browser.

  3. Chris Brown is a good person he does not have a history of violence..cant wait til this is over and he is with a new love.

  4. kitten44 says:

    I actually used the roller on my mouse to scroll all the way down to the bottom of your page just to leave this comment. Am intrigued to see how many more pencils you have picked up in the past 3 years.

  5. Colin says:

    2B or not 2B

    Mine are HB

  6. David says:

    I like your organisational skills. I am intrigued to know if you have a draw with pens or you simply put them next to the pencils.

  7. Wogan says:

    I don’t have any pencils. I only have pens 🙁

  8. David The Dwhayley says:

    Iloved this blog end even though it was really boring it was interestliny interesting. It was interestinngly boring. Or was it boringly interesting. Maybe it was both…or neither. Sometimes I like to be in an all white room and space out in the comforts of my straight jacket and think. Sdometimes I like to think while i am sitting on a curb with a hard on…! Sometimes I like to lie down and think about going back to the Carzy Barn. Sometimes I just sit int the crazy barn and think about how I am going to escape next. Sometimes I like to take out my glass eye and stick my who hand in my empty eye socket and try to touch my brain. Sometimes i ujst like to stick it in there and leave it there while i am laying on a bed in my nice quiet white room thinking about how I got my arm out of my straight jacket. Sometimes I like to wonder where I could be. Sometimes I don’t know where i am right now. Wait…where am I…whop are you poeple…


  9. Lonnie says:

    I knocked over my pencil holder with my wireless keyboard. While trying to snatch the wobbly holder, I bulldozed my Diet Pepsi on my keyboard instead.

  10. blinkky says:

    I google for “boring blog” and I came acrossed this blog. What I can say is, Wow !! Even this blog is about boring stuff but still, it has a lot of comments. Good work admin ….=)

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  12. aklo says:

    OMG guess what! To late!! The same exact thing happened to me!!! Omg what a cowinkidink!!(that means considince)
    P.S. I cant spell
    P.S.S. You might know that already
    P.S.S.S. I know what your thinking
    P.S.S.S.S. You wanna know what your thinking??
    P.S.S.S.S.S. You think that I am being vey annoying putting all these P.S. and now ur amazed that i actually know that!!!!
    P.S.S.S.S.S.S. If u cant read one of my words just sound-it-out
    P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Thanks for being patcinet (again look at the P.S. above this) and reading my comment!!!

  13. Kaitlin says:

    wow, sounds…. exciting! 😀

  14. fred says:

    My pencil is broken

  15. Chuck says:

    I just scrolled all the way down here to post a message. At first I used the scroll wheel on my mouse, then decided to use the scroll bar (over to your right, at the edge of the window). There are a lot of comments. I want to say I like your blog. So I will.

    I like your blog.

  16. Divad says:

    Pencil backwards is licnep

    on the other hand

    Pencil si sdrawkcab licneb

  17. somethin stupid says:

    dude seriously????

  18. Sawa says:

    So, if comments are still moderated (as noted at the top of this page) then Dave must still be around… BTW, this makes a great visual “joke” to add to presentations. Thanks!

  19. sam says:

    i like putting my pencil in the row between the number keys and the F-keys.

  20. mr.bendy says:

    the real question is not why u put the pencils in the drawer, but at what angle.
    where they facing towards u or away from u.
    maybe a combination.
    i may never know
    do u know?
    u should check

  21. blinkky says:

    don’t stop blogging =)

  22. curious says:

    This blog seems to be forgotten by his author. He may have evolved and created the dullest user in facebook.

  23. Wow, that is just too exciting. Can you just calm down?

  24. sizzlingsquid says:

    you know what? i’m afraid this parody might really work.

  25. Fawn says:

    I had papers on my desk but I just threw them away

  26. jimbo says:

    can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  27. Frankie says:

    Funnily enough I dropped my pens today…

  28. ashley says:

    i miss your updates.

  29. tiffo says:

    I like pencils

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  31. Noire says:

    FASCINATING STUFF! I have learnt so much already!

    Doesn’t he write anymore?

  32. Caleb says:

    I commented on your blog.

  33. meraktan says:

    All of these comments are real? This has to be a new world record : shortest post, most comments 🙂

  34. caleb says:

    you know, sometimes i consider why pencils were ever brought to be, were we unsatisfied with chalk? or did we simply want to make things more complicated than they had to be?

  35. jacki says:

    ugh very boring

  36. Gi says:

    Heaps awesome. The world needs more of this kinda stuff, and i’m not even joking. Good on you (:

  37. Ben Dohrman says:


  38. Gareter says:

    I ate a small hamburger with cheese on it when i first saw a thing called a telegraph machine. It sends messages.

  39. Nick Jonas says:

    THIS SOUNDS SO COMPLEX!!!!!! OMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO PROUD OF YA!!!!!

  40. Steve says:

    Haha! What a refreshing blog… had the best laugh today.

  41. Bleackley says:

    I too have orgonised pencils in the past, but not recently.

    Hopefully there will be something to report regarding my pencil management within the year.

  42. Lucy says:

    People were actually so brored from this blog that they actually took the time to count the number of the top you were in some of these people were inspired by your actions and took the time to record there movements with pencils in their daily lives! Yay for you (and them) and what they do in there spare times with different thing including pencils,printers, windows, cupboards and how many times they have clicked there computer mouse in a minute your blog was a fasinating piece of worked many are inspired!

  43. Harsh says:

    I am still feeling dizzy . I don’t know whether to keep stumbling or watch TV or go back to sleep .

  44. random says:

    is this guy ever gonna update? cool blog btw

  45. Steve says:

    Ohno! There’s another Steve! I thought that name was one in a million.

  46. Manoj says:

    That explains that – a person with a drawer to keep his pencils must be pretty damn interesting — oops I just typed the “I” word ..

  47. ~ says:

    A drawer sounds a good place to keep objects used to draw.

  48. someone says:

    WOW! this is the most boring yet attention capturing thing ever:D

  49. Gee says:

    Oh look, I’m the last person who left a comment. Until the next comment appears, of course. Then this will cease to work as a humorous message…

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