Dullest blog entries from 27th November 2002 – 5th May 2003

Moving my foot slightly (May 5, 2003)
I was lying down and became aware that one of my feet was slightly uncomfortable. I moved it a few inches to the side and the minor discomfort was relieved.

Blinking at least once (April 28, 2003)
As I was sitting down this evening I blinked once. I may have blinked again after that, but if I did I didn’t notice myself doing so.

Putting down my cup for a minute or two (April 22, 2003)
I was having a drink and decided that I would wait one or two minutes before having another sip. I put down my cup and was able to rest my hand before picking up the cup to drink once again.

Making a small noise (April 19, 2003)
The room was quiet so I tapped the arm of my chair. It wasn’t a particularly interesting noise, so I stopped after about 4 taps and sat in silence.

Turning my head to the right (April 16, 2003)
I thought I saw something happening out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to the right but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so I turned it back again and continued with what I was doing.

Opening the front door (April 12, 2003)
I came home and needed to open the front door to get into the house. I checked my left hand pocket, but my keys were not there. I checked my right hand pocket and found that my keys were in there. I was then able to open the door.

Thinking about making some food (April 8, 2003)
I was doing some things and noticed that it was nearly time for something to eat. I may well go to the kitchen and make some food shortly. This will probably happen five or ten minutes, although it could be as long as fifteen.

Leaving some things lying around (April 4, 2003)
I noticed that there were a few things lying around here and there. I decided to leave them where they were.

Walking past the ironing board (April 1, 2003)
I left the room and walked past the ironing board which I had left up in order to do some ironing. When I came back into the room I walked past the ironing board once again.

Operating a light switch (March 30, 2003)
I entered the living room and pressed the light switch, thus turning the light on so that I could see what I was doing. A while later I left the room and pressed the light switch again. The light turned itself off.

Scratching my chin (March 24, 2003)
As I was sitting down I began to notice that my chin was itching slightly. I waited a few seconds and became aware that my chin was continuing to itch. I then scratched my chin which alleviated the itching.

Going to bed late (March 18, 2003)
I looked at the clock and saw that it was getting very late, so I went to bed.

Eating one or two biscuits (March 16, 2003)
I ate one or two biscuits this evening. I also gave one or two biscuits from the packet away. I still have some biscuits left for another time.

Looking around (March 12, 2003)
I have a number of objects in my house. At one point in the day I looked around and saw some of them.

Not saying anything (March 11, 2003)
I was at a meeting and became aware that I had nothing of any interest to add to the discussion. So I said nothing, and the discussion continued.

Making plans to wash up some empty glasses (March 4, 2003)
As I was looking around my house I noticed that there were a number of empty glasses. I picked them up and took them to the kitchen, where I will wash them up at some point. This will probably happen tomorrow morning, though it could happen tomorrow afternoon or evening. I have made no definite decision at this point in time.

Tapping my foot (February 26, 2003)
I heard some music on the radio. It had quite a beat to it, so I started tapping my foot in time with the music. When the tune came to a finish I stopped.

Quite cold (February 19, 2003)
I went out this evening and found that the temperature had dropped somewhat. If I had been wearing more clothes I might have felt a little warmer. If I had been wearing less clothes I might have felt a little colder.

Going from one place to another (February 12, 2003)
I went to work and then came home again. I went to town and then returned. Later on I will be going to a meeting – I’ll be travelling back here once it’s over.

Getting slightly darker (February 9, 2003)
This afternoon it was quite light outside. As time went on it began to get slightly darker. In a little while I may well need to turn some lights on. If I don’t it may not be that easy to see what I’m doing.

The internet has quite a lot on it (February 7, 2003)
I looked at the internet for a while. There seem to be a lot of pages one can look at these days. I carried on looking at the internet for a while longer, but there were still plenty more pages to be looked at another time.

Sitting on the settee (February 4, 2003)
This evening I sat down for a while on the settee. It was very comfortable, so I sat there for a while longer. I think eventually I got up and did something else, but I can’t quite remember.

Deciding not to post anything (February 3, 2003)
I logged onto the internet and thought about posting something on my blog. I continued to think about it for a little while. Eventually I decided that I wouldn’t post anything.

Opening the curtains slightly (January 31, 2003)
It was quite dark in my room this morning. I opened the curtains slightly. It was quite bright outside so this made the room lighter too.

Reading part of the newspaper (January 26, 2003)
I read a few articles from one section of the newspaper. I found the TV guide and had a look at that. Being a Sunday newspaper there were a good number of other sections, I may get onto reading them, or I may not.

Nobody walking along the pavement (January 21, 2003)
I looked out of the window. There was no-one walking along the pavement. All of the people must have been somewhere else. The next time I looked out of the window the pavement was still deserted.

Clicking on some links (January 19, 2003)
Whilst surfing the internet I happened upon a page which had a number of links on it. I clicked on one and was taken to another page. This had several links on it too, so I clicked on one and continued my surfing.

Reading some pieces of paper (January 15, 2003)
I looked in a folder and found a number of sheets of paper. I started to read them. After a while I stopped reading them and replaced them in their folder.

Approaching lunchtime (January 13, 2003)
I looked at my watch and saw that the time to have lunch was approaching. I looked at my watch some time later and saw that it was even nearer lunchtime than it had been the time before.

Not doing things (January 10, 2003)
Today I decided not to do something. Later on I didn’t do something else. Tomorrow I may not do one of a selection of other things.

Going out for a while (January 5, 2003)
This morning I went out of the house and went somewhere for a while. Later on I returned home. This afternoon I went out for a second time. I am now back home again.

Doing some things (January 3, 2003)
Today I thought I might do some things. I did some of them. When I had finished doing them I sat down for a while. I might do some more later on.

Logging onto the internet (December 28, 2002)
Today I logged onto the internet. When I had read what I wanted to I logged off again. I will probably log on again at some other point. This might be on another day, or it might not be.

Drawing a line (December 21, 2002)
I picked up my pen and found some paper. I placed the pen on the paper and drew a line. I then looked at the line I had drawn.

Walking past a house (December 19, 2002)
Whilst walking along I became aware that I was approaching a building. When I had almost reached it I saw that it was a house. I passed the house and continued walking.

Receiving a Christmas card (December 16, 2002)
An envelope came through the letter box. I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a Christmas card which a friend had sent to me though the post, signing their name at the bottom. I put the card alongside one or two others I have received and discarded the envelope.

Picking up a table mat (December 15, 2002)
I noticed a mat sitting on the top of the table. I reached out and picked it up in order to look at it more closely. Having done so I put it down again on the table.

Sitting down (December 14, 2002)
Whilst standing up I became aware that my legs were slightly tired. I sat down, which allowed my legs to rest. When my legs were rested I stood up again.

Drinking water (December 11, 2002)
I was thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I found a glass and turned on the tap to fill it. When the glass was full I turned off the tap. The water was now ready to drink, and so I did so.

Standing still (December 9, 2002)
Whilst walking along I decided to come to a halt. I stood in one spot for a number of seconds. When I had finished standing still I continued walking.

Looking out of the window (December 6, 2002)
I decided to stop what I was doing for a minute or two and look out of the window. Nothing much was happening outside, but I decided to carry on looking for a couple of minutes anyway. When this time had elapsed I turned away from the window and continued my other activities.

Posting a blog entry (December 5, 2002)
I decided to write a blog entry. I thought of a title and something to write in the box, added my password and clicked ‘submit’. I was pleased to observe that my entry had been added to my blog.

Listening to a compact disc (December 4, 2002)
I put a compact disc into the machine and played track 1. I then forwarded it to track 9 and played that and tracks 10, 11 and 12. Later on I may play track 3 and 4 and perhaps 18 depending on how the mood takes me. I will miss out track 2 as I don’t like it that much.

Hole (December 2, 2002)
Some workmen had dug a hole in the road in order to maintain some essential services. A barrier and warning notice had been placed around it to prevent the general public from falling in.

Walking along (December 2, 2002)
Whilst walking along I noticed that there were some cars driving along the road. Some were going one way, others the other. I kept to the pavement for my own safety.

Visiting a Cafe (December 1, 2002)
I went into a cafe the other day. Upon entering the establishment I went up to the counter and ordered a drink and paid for it. They had tables with chairs arranged around them, so I was able to find a place to sit down to consume my beverage. When I had finished my drink I left.

Socks (November 30, 2002)
I found that my feet were getting a little chilly earlier. So I went to find some socks, and when I had found them I put them on.

Toaster (November 29, 2002)
I plugged the toaster into the socket and turned it on. It didn’t seem to be working – this was because I had turned the kettle on at the mains and not the toaster. Upon noticing my mistake I turned the toaster on at the mains and it began to function correctly.

Travelling (November 28, 2002)
Sometimes I find that a journey can take a long time, particularly if there is a lot of traffic. The best ways to make the journey shorter are to go when there is less traffic or choose a destination that is nearer to your starting point.

The Weather (November 28, 2002)
It is cloudy today, but there are some breaks in the cloud. This means that when the sun shines through these breaks in the cloud it is sunny, but when the sun is behind the clouds it isn’t. Perhaps we will have some rain later, or perhaps we won’t, I don’t know.

Watching television (November 27, 2002)
I turned on the TV to BBC1 earlier. The programme didn’t interest me, so I turned over to to BB2, then ITV, then channel 4 and channel 5 in order to see what was on. Eventually I made the decision to watch a programme on channel 4. Before sitting down to watch I adjusted the volume to make sure it wasn’t too loud or too quiet.

Washing up (November 27, 2002)
I did some washing up this evening. I put some water into the bowl, but it was too hot. So I put a little bit of cold in. This brought the water to the correct temperature.

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  1. aeiou says:

    This is very uninteresting. From reading your blogs I know that;
    You have an ironing board
    You are European, probably British
    You have a job
    You live in a house with an ajacent sidewalk
    You take walks
    You own pencils, pens, paper, and cupboards
    You made an intentionally dull blog
    You are literate
    You use the internet
    Your house is often quiet

  2. DULL JEFFERY says:

    This was pretty intersting, internet associate.

  3. Steve says:

    I just can’t take that high pressure lifestyle.

  4. Professor X says:

    Taking it easy…

    You, sir, are most certainly a Briton. As am I. But I am no stereotype. I am a bit of everything…

  5. Gerry says:

    I was very interested to read that in mid-December Dave walked past a house because, in fact, I live in a house myself. Not only that, on Dec 19th I distinctly recall someone walking past the front of my house; a figure with two legs and a head, who I can otherwise only describe as nondescript.
    Surely it can only have been Dave himself ?
    I wonder if anybody else has sighted Dave when his domestic pressures relax sufficiently to allow him to go out.

  6. do you like playing chess? i prefer spending my time reading chess strategies to stare at walls and pick up stationeries.

  7. Salvatoori says:

    I usually walk along the pavement too, not amidst all those dangerous cars. We are quite alike.

  8. Neit says:

    ever tried to think about the game and say ‘i lost’ ?

  9. Jammar says:

    if I were you I would do something with my life. But if you were me and I was you, you would make my life boring so id rather you be you and me be me so can be happy. Hey that ryhmes

  10. I have been trying to Gain access to this site for a while. I was using IE7 then when I tried Firefox, it worked just fine? Just wanted to bring this to your attention. This is really good blog. I have a few myself. I really love your layout. I know this is off topic but,did you make this design yourself,or purchase from somewhere?

  11. Blog Looker says:

    Hello. As you can see, there are still a few people reading your blog

  12. Brandon says:

    wow this is old

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