About the correct temperature

As I was sitting down I became aware that the temperature was neither too hot nor too cold. This being the case I made no adjustments to the temperature control on the central heating.

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  1. Sqott says:

    I don’t believe you, Sir. Nobody becomes aware that the temperature is just right. A more likely story is that it was a bit on the cool side but you lived with it so your heating bill wouldn’t go up.

  2. Steve says:

    You should webcam your life like Jenny Ringly did.

  3. Professor X says:

    I, on the other hand, am perfectly capable of checking the temperature. I have a digital thermometer in my room, and it’s reading 13.5 degrees – m-m-maybe I should act-t-t on this-s-s-s-s….

  4. Jaz-Michael King says:

    I read a short blog entry, and decided to publish my thoughts on it using a short form that was available to me. After typing my short comment, I clicked a button to save it, thereby allowing anyone else the opportunity to read my comment.

  5. esnipplee says:

    what are you talking about? that sounds nice and cool. see? its all relative. though we all agree about absolutes zero. whih doesnt exist anyhow.

  6. zentrxtr says:

    I think you may be making too much of this.

  7. Arko says:

    I die! 🙂

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