Folding a newspaper in half

A newspaper was sitting on the table. I folded it in half so that it would use up slightly less space, thereby freeing up an area on the table for other items.

11 Responses to “Folding a newspaper in half”

  1. Sqott says:

    Obviously it wasn’t the Sunday edition.

  2. Andrew Magnibard says:

    I also have folded a newspaper in half. However, it was not nearly as exciting as the moment you described.

  3. Steve says:

    But can you make a paper crane out of it?

  4. Professor X says:

    I attempted the same operation with my telephone directory, but I was unable to. I later tried with my laptop computer – that folded well, but the snapping sound I heard while I did this was not reassuring…

  5. Worker Number 2569 says:

    Was that slightly less space or approximately half the space?

  6. quazark says:

    in addition to your fabulous tale i folded a newspaper in half. then unfolded it so i could read what was on the other side. not knowing what could be on the folded side i unfolded it and read the other side. thinking that i had taken up too much space i routinely folded it over again. again to my surprise there could have been something on the other side so i unfolded it and read the other side. i then decided to turn the page and there was an ad for ice cream. it had yellow brown and orange colors. i was hungry. i am now hungry. i think i will go eat ice cream. hey ice cream reminds me of the time i saw an ad for it in the newspaper. it had three colors brown yellow and orange. it looked good. i instantly got hungry then remembered i was already hungry so i will now eat ice cream. goodbye. if you want to talk to me i will be in the ice cream parlor.

  7. wow says:

    This story was too exciting, it should be rated for mature audiences.

  8. Marie says:

    Good call!

  9. Sum chick says:

    This was a highly intelligent solution to something that had yet to become a problem. I admire your ability to think ahead of time.

  10. Bev says:

    I love your work

  11. Anonymous13490213 says:

    Folding. Ahh the gift of folding. Tis a good gift folding is. We do not deserve these kinds of but, alas we have them anyways.

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