Pulling my chair a few inches towards the table

I was sitting at the table and realised that I would be more comfortable if my chair was a couple of inches nearer to the table. I moved the chair forward slightly, thus lessening the gap between me and the table. I was then able to continue what I was doing in greater comfort.

5 Responses to “Pulling my chair a few inches towards the table”

  1. bored says:

    what were u doing tho?

  2. Steve says:

    I always read this blog to feel the excitement.

  3. Professor X says:

    How can he have done this, if he has yet to sit on the chair?

  4. The Good Doctor says:

    I like sitting at the table. And I think it likes me near it.

  5. xr says:

    Why is this blog not active?

    I think it’s the funniest thing on the web. I’d love to read the dull postings every day! lol. Maybe update it and make it dullest tweets!

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