Hanging up a damp towel

I had a towel in my hands. It was a bit damp. I hung it over the bannister so that it would dry off.

7 Responses to “Hanging up a damp towel”

  1. aeiou says:

    If you hadn’t, it may have gathered mold.

  2. Steve says:

    You left out the most exciting part. What color is the towel?

  3. Professor X says:

    As the towel was put on the bannister instead of the radiator, it’s green-blue by the time I write this.

  4. How Tedious says:

    I had such an experience, also. I noticed a towel was on the floor. I went to pick it up, but I dropped it again. When I picked it up a second time, I refrained from dropping the towel. I put the towel on a rack.

  5. Gawwy says:

    This needs analysis…the towel was hung over a bannister. Wouldnt it have slid down to the bottom? Heat rises so it wouldnt have dried as quick downstairs. If you had bought some duck tape it would have secured the towel upstairs therefore drying it quicker.

  6. Ida says:

    The fact that you misspelled the word “banister” made this blog way too interesting.

  7. bill says:

    That was very boring. Thank you

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