Boiling the kettle…

I depressed the switch on the side of the kettle. The water began to heat up until it reached boiling point. The kettle then turned itself off, requiring me to take no further action.

12 Responses to “Boiling the kettle…”

  1. calandmalgag says:

    i boil water and put my face over the steam, it burns but sometimes beauty takes pain, the burns are only first degree

  2. Sqott says:

    No further action? Then why go through all that trouble?

  3. bored says:

    but u needed to take a further action if you wanted to make a cup of tea/coffee. u can’t just leave the kettle like that!

  4. Steve says:

    “Further action” implies you are, in fact, already acting somehow.

  5. littleman says:

    no further action would use no use of the water, thus making the water cold after no further action, leaving the water in the same state as started in an endless spacial continuing of the water having no purpose.

  6. Alex says:

    Btw u dont boil a kettle……. u boil water in a kettle. to boil the kettle u would have to put the kettle in a pot full of boiling water. 😛 Gosh!!

  7. Professor X says:

    But Steve, the action implied was the depression of the switch – as this kettle automatically turns off after boiling the water, he would not need to deactivate it manually. Quite a bit of philosophy, creative thinking, science, and otherwise fitting aspects of the mind have been used on this forum…

  8. Steve says:

    As the army would say “We do more before noon than most people do before 12:00.”

  9. George says:

    Just wondered if you have many people that comment and do you answer them.

  10. Steve says:

    Everyone comments on the entry on placing pencils in the desk. It must be one of the most popular Internet posts.

  11. Stardust says:

    So your kettle sings as well?

  12. CJ says:

    I am boiling my kettle. But first I must call the fire department because there was no imformation on how to stop boiling the kettle.

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