Sitting on the settee…

I was sitting on the settee in my living room. The settee felt quite comfortable to sit on. I continued to sit there for a while.

8 Responses to “Sitting on the settee…”

  1. pedro says:

    are u from derbyshire? if so me 2. I ask as I 4t setee was only used in parts of derbyshire.

  2. joshwa i rox says:

    wats a settee? it sounds very comfortable tho… plz continue 2 sit on it!

  3. Sqott says:

    Was the dog on the couch?

  4. Steve says:

    Could you please clarify this convuluted entry? I am confused.

  5. littleman says:

    while sitting, do we really sit?

  6. thingy says:

    hey pedro! What about Devon… no fair.

  7. Stardust says:

    What’s a settee?

    You forgot your chair?

  8. Emily says:

    What is a settee?

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