Looking at some pieces of paper…

I had several pieces of paper in front of me. I looked at one of them for a few moments, then put it aside. Having done so I picked up another piece and looked at it for a while.

13 Responses to “Looking at some pieces of paper…”

  1. aeiou says:

    Was the first peice already picked up when this narritive began? Or did the first piece not require picking up to be looked at? I believe there is more to this story.

  2. Sqott says:

    aeiou, I concur! How am I supposed to carry on with my daily responsibilities when so many questions remain unanswered?

  3. Steve says:

    The suspense is killing me! What was on the papers?

  4. littleman says:

    paper (the slang term for money) is the only thing that can only tell the story of chivalry and conspiracy simultaneously.

  5. thingy says:

    Maybe it was just blank… something like that.

  6. Random person Who Will Not Be Named says:

    Perhaps this paper contained more of his, oh so excellent(Sarcasm) posts.

  7. Brealan says:

    Yes… hmm… paper… perhaps these documents that were rifled through with so little care were in fact extremely important… perhaps the reader is now in trouble for ignoring the first piece in the stack of important paperwork. I certainly hope that they have learned their lesson.

  8. Stardust says:


  9. zentrxtr says:

    Dave, I hope you’re going to take some time and slow down soon. Ciao!

  10. Damadaran says:

    your life is so interesting
    at least more interesting than mine.

  11. Liam says:

    Why is there paper on the table in the first place?

  12. Workingguyatwork says:

    I think there was something written on the first piece of paper

  13. James says:

    I turned on my computer and looked at the internet. It had a lot of words, some of which I read. After I’d read enough words to satisfy me, I decided that enough was probably enough, and turned off my computer.

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