Taking a sip of coffee from a mug sitting on my desk…

I had a mug of coffee sitting on my desk. I reached out my hand and picked up the mug. I took a sip of coffee before returning the mug to it’s former position on my desk.

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  1. my name isn't worthy enough for you Dave says:

    i am lost please tell me what this passage means

  2. aliceis16now says:

    i like coffee. i had some just this morning. i dumped the old grinds from yesterday, cleaned the old water crap, and added precisely four tablespoons of fresh grinds into the maker. i also added my usual seven cups of water. then i pressed the dirty little green button with the word smudged off and the coffee began to flow in a small steady stream. i then poured the coffee in my mug and sipped. i burned my tongue.

  3. Jakki says:

    How does one return a mug to it is former position?

  4. aeiou says:

    The coffee contained caffine. Dave’s body was affected by the drug. Once cafinated, Dave goes on a finger drumming spree.

  5. Macdonalds says:

    Was your coffee nice did you make it yourself or did someone make it for you was it a long black or a short white capacino or mugacino

    Please tell me more

    Love the blog

    xxx Me

  6. joshwa i rox says:

    coffee… i like coffee…i like starbucks….i like this blog…. i like coffee…. cofffee is good…. yup….
    yay coffeee…
    coffee is amazing
    coffeee es bueno
    coffee is a cool thing
    coffee is beast….

    if u r stilll reading this, u hav no life…

    i like coffee…

  7. Steve says:

    I just can’t take the constant frenzy of excitement in this blog and caffeine.

  8. bored says:

    plz get rid of the apostrophe in its. It’s annoying me.

  9. theblahblaher says:

    i like iced coffee. iced coffee tasted good. im obviously bored out of my mind or i wouldn’t be commenting on this crap. yeah. but where is the drama in this blog???? YOU SHOULD BE POURING YOUR HEART OUT TO STRANGERS!!!! juuuuuust kidding.

  10. littleman says:

    coffee, our stimulating, powerful narcotic that pleases nothing but our mental souls.

  11. DullLikeYou says:

    So how was the coffee ? i hate coffee .. That is too bitter .. did you add any sugar or milk in it ? or is it pure black ? what was the step you did to make the coffee ? or did some1 made it for you ? Maybe try writing the steps to make the coffee to make the blog duller !!

  12. Gee says:

    Tea. Everytime. No contest. Uh-uh.

  13. Stardust says:

    I can’T drink coffee. It gives me headache.

  14. lam says:

    dave i dont drink coffee.. how could you…

  15. MikeM says:

    Did you… enjoy drinking the coffee? Elaborate please.

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